We have found tested and reviewed below our Top 10 Must Have GoPro Accessories! Check them out…

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Thule Legend Backpack

This specially made and designed backpack for Gopro’s can accommodate 3 go pros, batteries and remote control in its removable crushproof storage case.  It also impressively has two mounting positions in its design for rock climbers, street runners, base jumpers well, any dry sport!  It has space for laptop and other stuff in its main compartment too.  One mount is on the front chest the other on your back.  It comes in at $150. It’s easy to clean to with removable foam for those more grimy adventurers out there.  You could also use it for your work commute as it is subtle and the quality wouldn’t turn any heads in the work environment.  So its two in one if you want it to be!  It’s very lightweight and has dual strapping around your torso to give extra support similar to that of a camping backpack without the bulky size.


Trace Action Sports Tracker

The Tracker comes in at $199.99 on Amazon.  Basically it edits the videos for you.  It is only available for the Mac however.  Very easy to use, you stick it to your board or ski and it will select highlights for you via blue tooth and has a 2.1 gb capacity enough for at least day’s sessions.  It will also give you a GPS map too which gives you the obvious stats on how much distance travelled and speeds etc.  It’s waterproof and shockproof too, as is the Hero.  You get a charging mount, cable, sticky adhesive mount and the tracker itself in the box.  It weights a meager 40 grams, which is not going to affect your performance.  It edits colours and highlights and then delivers an overlay of stats with it.  A top rated product for obvious reasons.



3DR Solo Drone

For $800 this tough quadcopter drone has two processors and intelligently has a follow me setting which enables hands free filming from above.  It also has a games consol like controller.  It weighs in at 1.5kg and has a top speed of 55mph. It sends HD videos direct to your phone from your Hero.  It has customizable LED lights to help you navigate also.  It has 25 minute flight time and a colour screen too.  A great choice of drone for your Hero for sure!  Its sexy sleek design gives it an ultra cool stealth like appearance, not some geeky helicopter design like you might envisage.


Removu R1/ RM+

This futuristic wrist screen watch enables you to see the footage of you Hero instant as you do it on your arm.  It’s a cheap $99.99 for the waterproof version and $70 for dry.  Its main purpose is the record button on its LCD display; as well a checking out footage to ensure the intended shot or video has been achieved.  It weighs a quarter of a kilo which is slightly noticeable but hardly going to affect a sportsman’s performance.  Its 7 cm x 1.77 x 5.3.  It can work for 30 mins underwater.  It has wifi capability and a Velcro strapping also.  Computer game like technology!  It can withstand all you can throw at it, dust, sand, water you name it.




TurnsPro Time Lapse Camera

Priced at $110 this inventive user friendly motorized camera is designed to make pan shots stress free by doing the work for you..  It has an axis on which in turns on and can be put on a tripod or can stand alone, depending on your need.  It has a time setting from 20seconds to 10 hours, for which it can turn 15-360 degrees ensuring any angle is covered over any reasonable set time.  The front control panel is very easy to use and all it requires is 4AA batteries.  Essential for those smooth panning shots of any period of time, ensuring you don’t miss a shot or angle!


K-Edge Go Big GoPro Saddle Rail Mount

For bike users this mount is essential in order for your GoPro, to keep quality levels high when capturing your riding experience.  Kind of like a bike light clipping, it securely clips on to the hull of your saddle.  It’s made of lightweight rugged metal which ensures that it can withstand the odd branch or stone won’t snap it.  It’s very simple to use, and good value for money at $39.99.




Manfrotto Off Road ThrilLED Light Kit

At $85 this LED lighting goes anywhere you go!  It has three power settings and 3 bulbs for that wide white light lighting we see so often on videos.  It weights a lightweight 160g and come with a subtle mounting.  The go pro itself is  very tightly fitted in-between the lights on the top and the metal fastener on the bottom.  A funky red style is available.  You can also as well as dim and raise the light power, also tilt the light bar to enable every desired angle to be covered.  An important piece of kit for someone whom enjoys evening and nighttime biking after work!  It doesn’t replace a bike light so keep them on! Stay safe!


PanoPro actioncam360

This camera as you’ve probably guessed enables full 360 degree panoramic shots to add even more realism to your gopro experience.  It makes the editing very easy for every goproer by using mirrors in a convex capturing a donut-like video.  Then to soft ware lets you edit and move around the video effortlessly.  It’s very small but not cheap at $250 but slips on to the front of your lenses like zoom lenses, only it adds your complete surroundings to the shot.  What an exciting product for those who want to add all to their clips.



Samsung 64GB Pro+

This 64 gigabyte top spec microSD is integral for 4K footagers enabling not just 1 or 2 days worth of footage being saved but a week or even more – without you having to upload to your laptop etc.  It writes at 80 megs a second and comes in at $100.  It can transfer 650 photos a minute.  It is aptly – magnetic proof, xray proof, waterproof and temperature proof.  There is also a younger brother at $12 which is a baby 12gig.  It is also useful for high frames per second speed filming and all other uses too!  Expensive but valuable piece of plastic!



Eachshot Z1-Rider

This gyro-stabiliser ensures video smoothness on any ride.  It is an expensive but vital accessory for those professional riders of all types at $230.  It is simple to set up and has a lovely metal design reflect the real class of this product. It has a motorized gimbal to keep everything level.  It comes with special Velcro and can be worn on your arm, mounted on a bike, helmet, selfy stick and suction cap , pretty much anywhere!  It has rechargeable batteries and mini usb cable for charging.  It is made of high quality aluminum alloy and is compatible for all accessories and go pro versions.