GoPro Drone Release Date

There are many rumours about the GoPro drone release date but the truth is no one knows for sure, or do they? We have been to some of the latest events and we think we know when the GoPro drone will be released.¬†Unfortunately we wouldn’t want to tell any lies so we won’t publish that information here. However, we promise as soon as we know the real GoPro Drone release date straight from the horse’s mouth we will publish it here first!

What do we know about the GoPro Drone already?

  • Release Date: In 2016? TBD
  • It could feature a 360 degree camera. TBA
  • It could feature some form of automated flying / following capability. TBA

GoPro themselves are being incredibly secretive about it, is this because it’s final features are not yet decided or are they just trying to build some hype, we think the latter (and Yes we are HYPED!). ¬†Check out this video they have released:

GoPro Drone