Hero 1The first GoPro Hero is the ideal entry level model.  It allows you to into the world of mobile video and photo capturing it an affordable cost at just $129.99 on Amazon.com. It is capable of not only 720p but also 1080p.  It is rugged within its housing, wearable and is waterproof too to 40m.Its very user friendly and has a ‘QuikCapture’ setting which enables you to switch on the camera and begin recording at the touch of a button.  Burst Photo is another setting which captures up to 5 framer every second.  Other setting modes include ‘Auto-Low Light’ and ‘SuperView’ also which are explained more here.

You can take 5 mega-pixel photos, then, upload these to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkdin – you name it!!  The time lapse setting takes a photo every half second.  That way you do not have to touch any buttons and can carry out your activity freely, such as skydiving, biking, waterskiing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding etc.  Then you can look at the shots and select the better ones later on your pc or tablet.

The HERO camera itself is able to survive sand, dirt, snow and water, due to its housing which is standard and is designed to withstand pretty much everything.

It weighs an ultra lightweight 111 grams so it is barely noticeable if you decide to wear it.  The same weight as a medium sized apple.  Compact design means you can bring it everywhere in your pocket or bag and you needn’t worry about it taking a few hits at the bottom of your rucksack on your travels as this is what it is designed for!  If you mount it to your bike or ski you wouldn’t even know it was there if it was out of site.

The QuikCapture feature works like this.  Once selected one touch of button it will power on and start video recording.  Press and hold and it will capture your time lapse photos.

Hero boasts the exclusive ‘Super View’ mode is a wide angled view of which is the best in the market and captures not only a 2d photo but 3d –like dynamics and your surroundings making the viewer feel they are there sharing your experience like no other camera.  Great up close selfies or mounted photos.

AS you’ve probably guessed the Auto Low Light setting carefully and diligently adapts itself \to your light settings so for example if you were to skateboard through a tunnel within a split second the camera would realise the change in light source and thus accommodate the tunnels perhaps limited or un natural light by changing the frame rate.  The exposure is catered for so you needn’t be disappointed at the end of your session with any of the frames in photos or moments in video.

It has a built in microphone too to ensure audio is picked up despite what vigorous activities you entail; with the Skeleton Backdoor settings which enhances sounds on slower speed sessions in  environments which are non-wet or non- dirty.

The software is downloadable and allows you to edit and produce GoPro videos ready for sharing.  The data from the camera is easily importable via the software.  With constant updates, to ensure ease and enjoyment when you are reviewing your session material.