Hero 2On the 24th of October 2011 The HD HERO2 was released.  By no means rushed, released 22 months after its original. It has an improved 11 MP camera, improved low light settings and also up to 120 frames per second recordings.

Go Pro HD Hero 2 has a durable polycarbonate husk like its predecessor.  However the interface is less confusing to use that Hero 1’s by making it easier to see and navigate.  It has better resolution and few extra modes of both video and photo settings.  Cleverly too it is backwards compatible with Hero 1’s accessories, always a popular concept with value – seeking customers (waterproof cases and lens covers amongst others).It also, although trivially perhaps, has an improved 90 page instruction manual.

When compared to the original, both editions have the same LCD screen, shutter and power buttons and lens size too.  This is how the accessories can be reused, it clearly isn’t laziness on GoPro’s behalf, it’s for everyone’s convenience.

However the lens has been replaced by a glass one, for additional strength and sharpness.  Also a miniusb port, microphone input (2.5mm) and video output are all labelled for the latest version.  Also the red recording lights have been multiplied and from every angle you can now see if you are recording ok especially from the front where a larger indicator has been added usefully.

The clearest useful additionally has to surely be the direct HDMKI output which is a must have nowadays with the revolution of HDMI TV’s and laptops.  Also, so on the back the battery door is located so users can replace the battery with relative ease.  On the left of the GoPro2 is a full size SD card slot too.

2 new lens doors on the housing have been included as standard to address the somewhat dodgy single mountable polycarbonate shell that is supplied with number 1, which plastic latch on the back that experienced wear and tear when it was opened and closed to remove the camera somewhat.  One is for waterproof use up to 60meters, the other is for non waterproof which enable better sound quality, common sensically.

There are several editions to cater from the varied end user.  The Surf Edition mounts float which means your GoPro2 won’t sink if and when it gets detached from your board.  The Motorsports Edition has a suction cup mount on an arm – similar to that on your sat nav.  The Outdoor edition has a variety of adhesive mounts, a helmet and head strap.

The LCD is the biggest improvement however.  Icons are bigger so they can be seen through somewhat ‘unclear’ situations.   With simplified identifiers of modes that are running.    Less button pressing and easier navigation is always a good move.  With better menus and colour schemes, it’s much more user friendly than Hero1.

So if you’re heavily into surfing, motoring or bike/boarding, this is the right choice for you as you can select one of 3 camera editions.  All come in at $299.99 which isn’t cheap by any means, but could save you on accessories on the original, as they are included and catered for from the off.