GoPro Hero 4The GoPro Hero 4 comes in 2 editions, the Black comes in at $420 , with an extreme kit priced at $540 with 2 batteries camera mounts and other extras.  It is the number one best seller of body mounted camcorders on Amazon.  There are many reasons why.  There is also the lesser silver edition at $330 –both are upgraded models of the hero 3 respective editions.

There is also a new addition the GoPro Hero 4 ‘Session’.  A micro sized camera weighs a measly 40 grams and is 2cm x 3cm x 1.5 cm in size.  The silver weighs 83 grams, and the Black weighs 88grams.  The silver also boasts a built in touchscreen.

As for resolution the Black can record 4K up to 30 fps.  The battery last an hour on this mode or 2 hours at 720p.  The silver has a built in micro speaker unlike the heropro 3 silver ed., and the aforementioned touchscreen making it user friendly.  The black however comes with improved analog to digital conversion for better audio support with external mics.  Both come with bluetooth and wifi as one would expect and have better range on their mics almost double that of their younger hero 3 brothers.  It also has twice as powerfuller chip as the black gopro3.

The Black shoots at 120fps at 1080p, good for high res slow mo.  It can take 30 12mp photos a second so you capture the exact shot you desire at great quality.  Superview setting enables an ultra wide view to give the view even more in touch with your experience.

You can control both editions with a controol3er or mobile phone ap.  This ap adds more ease when uploading to social media.  Housing is supplied as standard for water and dirt proofness.

There is also a field of view (FOV) setting on both models for different types of shots, like close ups or wide pan.  They are narrow, medium and ultra wide.