GoPro Hero4 Session

This addition to the The GoPro Hero 4 series the Session is a micro sized camera.  It weighs a lightweight 40 grams and is tiny 2cm x 3cm x 1.5 cm in size.  It’s ideal for a first time no hassle user who wants to just grab and go and at the touch of a button can record. Or as a second camera.  It’s waterproof up to a deep 10 meters, and even more rugged than the standard Gopro 4 as it is designed to not need the standard housing to protect it.

The button on it has 3 settings; It can do time lapse shots, burst shots or record video.

It is so user-friendly, mount it at any angle and it will self correct itself and record right way up, much like a Smartphone.

All the mounts are compatible with the Session which is handy and convenient.

Priced at $199 on Amazon, it’s an affordable option on a shoestring budget; GoPro HERO4 Session comes with 2 mounts, adhesives to stick anywhere.

You can highlight key moments in your recording, and you can record 1440p at 30fps, 1080 at an impressive 60 fps and 720 at 100 fps.  It also boasts 12megapixel photos with an n option of 30fps bursts.  It has built in wifi and you can control it with a smart phone.

It has a lithium battery that optimizes its life by turning off when not recording and it works up 2 hours recording videos.

There is a high quality smart microphone on the front and the back so not much sound quality is lost as they filter out wind and general

It also shares the Superview mode with the go pro 4 the ultra wide angle lens shots, capturing more of your world to share with the viewer.

It also adapt to your surroundings in terms of light availability, automatically switching exposures to ensure all your footage is clear to the viewer.

You can change modes via the app as aforementioned and also with a remote at an additional cost.  The camera has 2 buttons to navigate, the wifi and start stop. Simple and no nonsense control ideal for those who aren’t that techy or fussy.  The range on the control is 182 meters and from there you can share shots on social media wirelessly if desired.