GoPro OmniThe GoPro Omni allows the viewer to an experience an experience like no other, whereby you can embrace the 360 degree capacity shots, similar to that of computer games, only this time it is real footage!

This is achieved by putting 6, yes 6 Gopro hero 4’s and putting them a cube like unit, facing outwards.  This has been specially designed to house these units in such a way that every angle is covered.  It is a cube essentially 4 around the horizontal axis and one on the top and bottom panels.  It can be attached to a stick for the best usage.

For $5000 you get all 6 go pros and batteries along with special software ‘Kolor’ ‘Autopan’ and ‘Autopano Giga’.  You’ll also get a convenient as standard 7 port usb port, along with 6 mini usb cables, 6 32gb micro SD cards and readers.  A remote control, and a Switronix hypercose battery, charger and mount, for the Omni itself.  You also get a useful waterproof bag, and all the equipment and accessories you need for assembly and configuration.

You can buy the Omni without the cameras if you or your friends have 6 between you.  It comes in at around $1500.

As you may know the Gopro hero 4 black edition can shoot 4K videos, with 6 cameras on board this can be increased to an impressive 8K.  The Kolor software covers the stitching of the 6 camera and this can then be view with a suitable virtual reality headset.  If you want to post on you tube this is possible when downscaled.   There’s a free mobile app for viewing other peoples VR recordings.  The process is user friendly due to the software applications.

It’s compact at 12 cm by 12cm by 12cm and has been designed to withstand the rugged behaviors of film makers, be it surfing, skiing or biking.  It has smoothed off corners to withstand whatever you throw at it.  It also has a tool so you can dismantle and clean it with ease.  It comes in a lovely cozy professional carry case as standard.

GoPro Omni Release Date

All sources say that it will be available to buy in 2016. With official release date for the GoPRo omni set sometime in August 2016.



GoPro Omni